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Testimonials  Harshada's Testimonial

You have been one of the fantastic teacher's, I have ever met. I wish you good luck with your new venture. Keep in touch.
Sri Harsha - Facebook - 2012 Aug 20   [Engineer at Microsoft GTSC (Bangalore)]

I was in the language training at Microsoft GTSC. Now, I am in the United States. I have come here to do my masters. Just wanted to let you know that your classes are helping me a lot here. Thank you for everything. Have a nice day))
Madhura Suresh - Facebook - 2012 Aug 18      [Engineer at Microsoft GTSC (Bangalgore)]

Harshada - Engineer at Microsoft GTSC (Bangalore) ... 2011

British Council Kolkata - March 2013 Sessions

Learner-Centred Classrooms - Monday afternoon session - 18 March (30 participants)
An excellent facilitator!
Mr Beaton has inspired me so much that I feel a revival of enthusiasm for my vocation.
A very good resource person.
Very approachable and a fine teacher.
He has equipped us with different methods of teaching in a quite interesting way.
Knowledgeable, vivacious, engaging, humorous.
Very well-informed and experienced
Focused, friendly, has a good sense of humour. Inspiring.
An excellent trainer with innovative skills.
Open-minded, amicable and made the learners cozy.
Very effective and clear in his delivery.
He was a very knowledgeable person.  He understands his area very well.
An opportunity to meet and interesting and effective trainer.  Thank you.
Good source of knowledge, motivating.
An eminent personality and great source of knowledge.
Well-equipped, interactive, resourceful.
Very much vocal, interactive and has a good sense of humour.
Enjoyed the enthusiasm and pace.
Good communicator, made the workshop interesting as well as beneficial.
Thank You Indeed Sir.
Very good approach to training.  The time just wizzed past.  Extremely engaging.
Nice personality, good facilitator.

Learner-Centred Classrooms - Monday morning session - 18 March (28 participants)
The time just flew by.  This speaks volumes about his approach & interaction with us.
It was an excellent session.  I could learn many things which would benefit my students.
Very good speaker and trainer.  He was very clear in his instructions and subject.
Kept us spell-bound for the whole session.
It was great to learn from you.  Learnt time management skill, which I am very bad.  Looking forward to learning more.
Very enthusiastic and involved.
Very good speaker.  Explains very well.
He has made the session quite interesting and he ensured active participation of each individual present here.
Excellent communication with the participants.
Excellent skills - very good communicator - clearly focussed.
Very informative and friendly.
Excellent resource person; only he was pressed for time.
A very enlightened and enthusiastic educator.  Related with the learners well.
Approachable, interactive.
Instruction delivered well.  Resourceful person.
Great delivery. [Would appreciate more time for workshops like these.  More activities would have enriched the session.  This could not be done due to lack of time.  Content was great!]
I like it, but int needs more time period so that we can understand.

Friday morning session - Motivation & Delegation In The Workplace
Mind-blowing, superb.
Very nice, cool and interesting.
He makes the learners analyse their strengths.  An example of fun while you learn.
He is a good communicator and trainer.
Good explanation of the topic.
Very Good.
He was very specific about the subject and was able to communicate in a short span of time.
Bryan has excellent knowledge and technique to make the people understand.
Experienced, friendly, understandable trainer.
Good.  More time required for him, less for the videos.
Good sense of humour and good personality.
He presented the entire training in a friendly manner.  It was very interesting also.
Very good, makes everyone feel involved and gives each one a chance to speak.

TAISI - Breakaway Session Feedback - Excerpts

TAISI 2012 Conference Cover
"Take Away" - Can you name at least one new idea which you will consider using in your current role(s)?
Teaching with questions!!
Teach through asking questions, not by telling the answers.
Yes! For sure!!! I'll try to reduce my Talk Time as a teacher.
I loved 'the cartoon' that clearly differentiated between teaching and learning.
The task of arranging activity - method of teaching + learning - Jigsaw Method
The Jigsaw Method
The role of discussion in small groups with / around guiding questions is remarkable.
Group activities with each group ding a different task - then mix and merge.
To equip my teachers well, now onwards.
Increase HandsOn activities in the learning environment.
The balance between being firm and kind.
Yes, the teacher becomes a facilitator, and talks less.
Less teacher talk.  Jigsaw activity. How to motivate and regroup people/students.
Generate ideas by group brainstorming sessions.
Brainstorming and sharing peer perspectives.

Comments on the workshop format
He was actually engaging us into a fruitful discussion.
Time went by so fast!
Complex subject presented in simple way through activities.
Ability to provide Professional Development in any situation, ie: poor rural schools, use what they HAVE.
Excellent planning.
Did not feel bored at all and felt involved throughout the workshop.
The presenter had a clear idea of what he was doing.
I quite enjoyed the session as it was so well planned and time bound.
Actually understood everything very clearly.
Wonderful, complex lesson planning.
TAISI Bryan Bio

Any other comments
Thank you!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this session.  It motivated me to improve my teaching with a more meaningful strategy.
The session was very enjoyable, especially the opportunity to hear the opinions and experiences of other participants.
He really came down to the level of the participants.
The method taught could be used in classrooms effectively.
Very interactive.
Very interactive session.  Am glad I came here.

British Council: Body Language Workshop, Peerless Inn, Kolkata – 19 December 2009

Selected Comments - excerpts
C: Trainer: He is a great human being, he knows what he teaching, he understand each and every person in the workshop
D: It's fantastic. I learned a lot about body language. Very clear with the ideas to convey & very authentic and convincing
E: Excellent, help me to serve better. Trainer: Just too good
F: Excellent, help me to serve better. Trainer: Just too good
G: The best training in my hospitality life.
H: It's nice. I have learned a lot of things.
I: Had time not been short, I could have learned more from the workshop and the notes given by Mr. Bryan
J: I never did this kind of workshop. I really enjoyed it. I learn so many of things over here. I really thankful to Mr Bryan to teach us. Thank you.
O: Excellent. We know many thing about body language. Trainer: He is just perfect at the subject

Selected Feedback from English Language Centre (ELC) Student Feedback Questionnaires - 1999 to 2006

- well-prepared and well-organised before every lesson, easy to follow
- introduced different areas / ways for us to improve our English standard (eg: ELC website) which I found very useful
- the teaching materials are well-organised and systematic
- well-prepared mtls & extra resources – help me understand
- well prepared tchg mtls & interesting tchg method
- very enthusiasm in teaching
- low pressure, relaxed atmosphere
- well organized & prepared for every lesson, easy to follow
- helped me become confident, I was very afraid in English before
- gives many useful suggestions to us to help our learning
- extra lesson materials are provided to motivate interest
- kind attitude, ... creates relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in class
- comments and detailed feedback on my writing
- creates friendly learning environment
- motivated me

"Anson" - English for Academic Purposes, English Language Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 " In the past, I usually finished my assignments just before deadline. At that moment, I felt that there is no problem to do the homework in hurry. However, after I know that I have to write an essay which is more academic and difficult, I start to use the approach that you have taught in the EAP lesson. As you know, I finish my first draft of my essay one week before the deadline. I can have time to revise. Although my essay is not perfect, it is the best passage that I have written. Now, I can feel that the power of "planning". I have started to do my assignments in other subjects much earlier. I can do other things such as revise the exam when other people are still doing their assignments. I hope that I can keep this approach."

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