Corporate Services

Workplace Workshops - "Top Five" Topics

Motivation and Delegation in the Workplace
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Customer Service Essentials for Frontline Staff
Body Language at Work
Workplace Leadership - Workshop for Managers


You will:
 - revisit 'essentials' of workplace communication
 - learn from others' experiences and from new perspectives on your own experience
 - apply these concepts to several scenarios
 - create your own 'take away' Personal Action Plan

Training Methodology

Workshops are highly interactive.  Using a variety of media (readings, videos, role-plays), participants have the opportunity to relate general communication and management principals to their own specific workplace dynamics.

Past Examples

Corporate Services

Culture and Communication Training - Core and Advanced - Microsoft (Bangalore)
Effective Workplace Writing - Microsoft (Bangalore) and CPBE (Hong Kong)
Interpersonal Communication Skills for Management - West Bengal and Hong Kong

University - Workplace Preparation

Oral Presentations, Group Discussions and Job Interviews
  - Agri-Management MA Graduating Students - Utkal University, Orissa, India - 2009
  - Kolkata, British Council Workshop - 2010
English In The Workplace - Hong Kong Polytechnic University - 7 years  (1999 - 2006)
English for Professional Purposes - Hong Kong Polytechnic University - 2005

Our Experience in Corporate Services

More about Our Experience in Corporate Services

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