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Qualities, Attitudes, Characteristics - "Heart"
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Learner-Centred Education - "Top Five"

OWLS Global - "Shell Activities"
"Shell Activities" make lessons active, while keeping the focus on academic content.
Each activity's structure is an empty “shell” (or empty “bowl”) which can be filled with core content from any subject discipline.
The current package (under development) contains four "shell activities":
SLAM, Lotto, Lie Detector, and Unfinished Sentences

Facilitating Learning: Issues on Learner-centred Teaching  - Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn (NUS)

Learner-Centered vs. Curriculum-Centered Teachers: Which Type Are You?

How Learner-Centred Are You?   -  (PDF)
   National Institute for Educational Development (NIED)
    Ministry of Basic Education and Culture, Namibia

OWLS Global "Learner Centred Education" downloads:
  OWLSGlobal Learner Centred vs Teacher Centred Comparison Chart.pdf     [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Learner-Centred Lesson Observations      [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Learner-Centred Lessons Posters      [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Jigsaw Lessons     [PDF Document]

  . . .  more Resources for Learner Centred Classrooms  


Qualities, Attitudes, Characteristics - "Heart"

What Makes A Good Teacher?  - IATEFL Newsletter
Ten Qualities of an Effective Teacher  - from  
Five Attitudes of Effective Teachers  -  UCSA - an academic paper by Bonni Gourneau, University of North Dakota   

Classroom Practice

Questioning Techniques  - from MindTools  
Correction and Giving Feedback  - Cambridge ESOL   
Jigsaw - Maximizing Learner Involvement       [OWLSGlobal PDF]   
Jigsaw - for public education
Using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique
Wikipedia - Jigsaw Teaching Technique
Ten Cooperative Learning Techniques For Building Classroom Communities

Kindergarten (and Primary) Inspiration
These three videos provide a wonderful introduction to the 'hows' and 'whys' of child-centred kindergarten (and primary) teaching.
    Part 1 - High-Quality Kindergarten Today - Background
    Part 2 - High-Quality Kindergarten Today - The Classroom Environment 
    Part 3 - High-Quality Kindergarten Today - The Classroom Schedule

Organizing Classroom Learning Centers  - an example of what's available for teachers on YouTube

Resources for Schools

ERIC: Setting Up and Running A School Library - by Nicola Baird (Peace Corp PDF version)
ERIC: Sustainable Library Development Training Package
UNESCO: Libraries for All: How to Start and Run a Small Library - by Laura Wendell

Ofsted (see also Wikipedia - Ofsted)
The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) is a UK government agency which inspects or regulates a very broad range of educational services in England (including children’s social care, state schools, independent schools, teacher training providers, colleges and learning and skills providers for all ages).
For educators outside of the UK, a careful reading of the Ofsted website's 'Resources', 'Inspection Reports' and 'News' sections can provide a wealth of information on educational 'good practices'. 
The following are just a few examples of the many 'good practice' items available from Ofsted:  
 - School_governance_Learning_From_The_Best.pdf
 - Eliot Bank School Cycle of Monitoring and Evaluation Linked to SEF
 - Good Practice Example
 - Employability&Enterprise_Good_practice_example.pdf
 - Developing_Pupil_Leadership_Good_Practice_Example.pdf
 - Creating_Writers_Good_Example.pdf

Teamwork in the Classroom
 What is Teamwork?
 Why should Teachers be Interested in Teamwork?
 What is the Difference Between a Group Exercise and a Team Exercise?
 Characteristics of Effective Teams.
 Stages of Team Growth.

  ... for more on Team Work, Professionalism and Conflict Management, see [LINK] Resources - Communication Skills for the Corporate Environment 

Book - "Trusting Teachers With School Success" (What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots)
        by Kim Farris-Berg and Edward J. Dirkswager
Article - "Good teachers are the cornerstone of learning"
Teacher Training International - a personal website (Australian)
Successful teacher-training programme in Nepal - MITRATAA Foundation
OECD Report - Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers - Final Report: Teachers Matter
International Society For Teacher Education
Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET - UK)
Educators Abroad 

A to Z Teachers' Tools   -  A resource I have frequently shared printed copies of ... and which I refer to just as frequently myself.    
TeacherTube - Teacher-Resources on YouTube: well worth exploring
Open University UK -
A useful guide for teachers ... to suitable websites for 'kids': SurfNetKids -

Puzzlemaker - a site which you or your students can use -
- Word Search:
- Crossword:
- plus ... double puzzles, fallen phrases, math squares, mazes, letter tiles,
            cryptograms, number blocks, hidden message

FunBrain – Teachers' Links  -

A Teachers' Discussion Forum  -


Internet Resources for Learner / Classroom Use

British Council - resources well worth exploring.  There are regional sites as well. 
Schools Online - British Council online resources for schools.
BBC - Bitesize  -  a wide range of resources - for students and teachers
BBC - GCSE - Bitesize   - although specific to the GCSE, these resources are engaging and broadly applicable to almost any general syllabus
WebWise BBC Course – course preparing students for internet use

Khan Academy

  • With a library of over 3,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, Khan Academy are on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

Reading AtoZ

  • The online leveled reading program with downloadable books to print and assemble
  • A complete reading program with affordable books, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments to teach leveled reading, phonics, phonemic awareness, alphabet, vocabulary, and comprehension to K-5.


  • Free and/or highly affordable resources for pre-school, primary and special-education English reading with a systematic phonics / phonemic approach.

Math Skill-Building


General Resources:

Sites for Student Research  -  Online Encyclopedias
Wikipedia - English Main Page -
High Beam - Encyclopedia -
Encarta - MSN -
FactMonster - Encyclopedia -
Columbia Encyclopedia -

Sites for Student Research  -  Other Useful Sites - choose sample topics from index (eg: biology to find mitosis & meiosis)
National Geographic - Education Section
CIA World FactBook - huge compendium of facts / data from around the world
       ... download your own copy
How Stuff Works - Kind of Popular 'Science' 
Atlapedia Online - full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
NatureServe - a network connecting science with conservation

Guides to online encyclopedias:
Freeality  -  an extensive list of links to encyclopedias - plus links to dictionaries, libraries and much more
SurfNetKids Encyclopedia
Other exotic encyclopedias -

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