Resources - Communication Skills for the Corporate Environment

Customer Service Resources

The Importance of Customer Service

The Service Recovery Paradox: No Excuse for Bad Service

3 Skills Needed to Succeed in Customer Service    [+ 1 'bonus' skill]
 - Listening (focus, key points, note-taking), Problem-Solving Skills,
     Professional + (bonus) Detachment

The WOW Awards - a UK organisation dedicated to excellent customer service

Three 'Pocketbook' resources which I have used and can recommend:
 The Handling Complaints Pocketbook - by Angelena Boden
 The Customer Service Pocketbook - by Tony Newby & Sean McManus
 The Telephone Skills Pocketbook - by Mary Richards

Customer Service Mistakes, Excuses & Nightmares

Mistakes call for analysis, preventive action, not excuses - The Hindu 2009 Sep 30
  Apologise, Explain Reasons, Corrective Measures, Learn from issues

Customers Complain - Businesses Make Excuses

Four Excuses Customers Hate Most - Lame Excuses

Customer Service Nightmare + other links
 Business Research Lab website

Leadership and Teamwork Resources

How to Be a Leader in Your Field: A Guide for Students in Professional Schools
 Written for graduating students, I consider this a very fine article
    offering food for thought to any professional reader.

Professionalism .. "a mindset that becomes easier to apply as you progress further
    and becomes an inspiration for others to follow"
  Five important keys: Character; Attitude; Excellence; Competency; Conduct

Team Building Toolkit
 A comprehensive 25 page resource (PDF)
Teamwork - How to Work with Someone You Hate

The Hard Science of Teamwork
    by Alex "Sandy" Pentland

Good Managers Lead Through a Team
  by Linda Hill & Kent Lineback 

Motivation Resources

The Seven Keys to Motivation
  by Nancy Wurtzel

Find Your Drive - The Keys to Motivation
 by "Sources of Insight" - 'Stand on the Shoulders of Giants'

Key Staff Motivators Employers Should Factor In
  ... Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs always
       surfaces when staff motivation is discussed.

Assertiveness Resources

The following two resources are written for 'youth', but contain guidance all ages can benefit from:
Speaking Up for Yourself
Assertiveness Role-Plays for Adolescents 15 to 18 Years Old

Improving Assertive Behavior

Benefits and Drawbacks of Being Direct   (a series of lessons)
Four Basic Styles: Demand, Withdraw, Concede, Negotiate     

Conflict Resolution Resources

Conflict Resolution Strategies Overview
 (begins with GOMO - Get Over it, Move On)
   25 Specific Solutions for Difficult Behaviours,   Listen with Care, Two-Part Model for Confronting Conflict

Conflict Management Skills 
 by  Gregorio Billikopf

Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution Strategies
   These are written with a personal focus, but they contain useful ideas for pre-empting discord in the workplace:
     Understanding: boundaries, clarity on issues, regular contact, issues - not people,
     Responding: win-win, success-oriented environment, positive focus,

Fifteen Articles on Workplace conflict resolution tips

Workplace Conflicts Resolution Tips
 Short, practical articles
   Ethical Conflict Resolution Tips
   Important Tips for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution Skills
   Listen for what is felt as well as said.
   Make conflict resolution the priority rather than winning or "being Right". 
   Focus on the present.
   Pick your battles.
   Be willing to forgive.
   Know when to let something go

"Interest-Based Relational Approach"
 In resolving conflict using this approach, you follow these rules:
  •Make sure that good relationships are the first priority.
  •Keep people and problems separate.
  •Pay attention to the interests that are being presented.
  •Listen first; talk second.
  •Set out the "Facts": agreed, objective, observable elements that will have an impact on the decision.
  •Explore options together.

Business English Resources

Plain English Campaign
  Free Guides
  How to Write in Plain English
  Examples - Before and After
  Legal A to Z

Center for Plain Language  -  US Government resource

Onestopenglish - Business Skills Bank    [MacMillan Publishers - lots of free resources]

Skills Converged - Productivity, Soft Skills and Personal Development
  This is a commericial website.  It offers some unique and interesting services.

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