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Classroom Practice
Inquiry-Based Learning / Enquiry-Based Learning
Creating and Using Rubrics

Classroom Practice

OWLS Global - "Shell Activities"
"Shell Activities" make lessons active, while keeping the focus on academic content.
Each activity's structure is an empty “shell” (or empty “bowl”) which can be filled with core content from any subject discipline.
The current package (under development) contains four "shell activities":
    SLAM, Lotto, Lie Detector, and Unfinished Sentences

Creating Learner-Centered Middle School Classrooms
Learner-centered teaching focuses instruction on the needs, preferences, and interests of the learner.
Find out how this optimizes learning for middle school students.

Learner-Centered Classrooms - LinguaFolio
What is a learner-centered classroom?
Lists characteristics (16) plus some suggested activities

Facilitating Learning: Issues on Learner-centred Teaching
from Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn - a handbook for NUS Teachers

Learner Centred Activities
This article makes the interesting contrast between four categories of classroom activities:
teacher-prepared / non-learner focused; teacher-prepared / learner focused
learner-prepared / non-learner focused; learner-prepared / learner focused

Teaching Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains

Learner-Centered vs. Curriculum-Centered Teachers: Which Type Are You?

A Role for Guided Exploration In In-Service Teacher Education
    by Clyde Fowlde and Karen Anyathana

Correction and Giving Feedback

The Case for Learner-Centred Education

Facilitating Learning: Issues on Learner-centred Teaching

Creating Learner-Centered Middle School Classrooms 

How Learner-Centred Are You?   -  (PDF)
    National Institute for Educational Development (NIED)
    Ministry of Basic Education and Culture, Namibia

OWLS Global "Learner Centred Education" downloads:
  OWLSGlobal Learner Centred vs Teacher Centred Comparison Chart.pdf     [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Learner-Centred Lesson Observations      [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Learner-Centred Lessons Posters      [PDF Document]
  OWLSGlobal Jigsaw Lessons     [PDF Document]

Creating a Learner-centered Teacher Education Program   


Inquiry-Based Learning / Enquiry-Based Learning

Applying Inquiry-Based Learning to the Classroom
Here is a website organised around the following questions:
    What is inquiry-based learning?
    How does it differ from the traditional approach?
    What does it have to do with my classroom?
    What are the benefits of inquiry-based learning?
    How has inquiry-based learning developed since it first became popular?
    Another perspective
    What are some critical perspectives?
    How can I use inquiry-based learning in conjunction with other educational techniques?

University of Birmingham - Enquiry-Based Learning Resources:
Enquiry- based learning definition, characteristics, fundamentals and approaches

University of Birmingham - The journey towards EBL
   Finding out about enquiry based learning
   EBL in practice
   Support and resources
   Research and teaching links
   EBL learning impact
   EBL at the University of Birmingham
   Principles and practices of EBL case studies

Fostering Learner Independence Through Enquiry-Based Learning - Study Guide 2007-2008 
 Academic Practice and Organisational Development (APOD)
 University of Birmingham - Guide-Section-1


Creating and Using Rubrics

Why Use Rubrics

Wikipedia - Rubric (Academic)           - a clear, concise introduction
  Ontario Rubric                 - widely used in Canadian schools

Rubrics for Assessment - Main Page  Univ. of Wisconsin - School of Education: Professional Development
  Primary Teamwork Rubric
  Secondary Teamwork Rubric
  Many links under the following categories:
     Teamwork/Cooperative Learning Rubrics
     Video and Multimedia Project Rubrics
     Research Process Rubrics
     Writing Rubrics
     Math, Art, and Science Rubrics
     Oral Presentation Rubrics
     Rubrics for Primary Grades
     Creating Your Rubrics

Rubrician.Com, the official website for links to rubrics. 
  This site was designed for educators, teachers, parents, students and evaluators.
   General Rubrics
   Language Arts Rubrics
   Math Rubrics
   Performing Arts
   Physical Education Rubrics
   Social Studies Rubrics      
   Technology Rubrics          
   Science Rubrics
   Writing Rubrics

Using Rubrics in Assessment

UnderstandingRubrics              - a very practical, teacher-friendly resource

Listing several other academic sources        - more from Wisconsin

Guidelines for Tasks and Scoring Rubrics for Gifted Students

58 Pages of Sample Rubrics              - university level only, but revealing in its range

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