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One-Day Workshops

Topics Tailored to Your School´s Needs

‘One-Day Workshops’ begin many days in advance, with a broad ‘Needs Analysis’ discussion, preferably during an ‘in person’ visit to your school. We bring "fresh eyes" and broad awareness of trends and possibilities. You and your team know your own people and the community you serve. Together, we can agree on 'next steps' towards fully achieving your school's vision.


We can create learning experiences suited to your needs. Our 'One-Day Workshops' can last:
90 Minutes or
3-Hour (Morning or Afternoon) or
One-Day (5 to 6 hours)


Session-End Feedback + ‘One Strategic Decision’
One Week (or Two Weeks) Later - follow-up discussion
(in person, by email or by phone)
Summary Report

... One-Day Workshops

Educational Consultant Services

We come and live with you for one week:

Day 1: Informal observations across activities, grades and classrooms - all day
Days 2 & 3: Scheduled Consultations: administrators, teachers, students, support staff, community
Day 4: Feedback & Action-Planning - collective consolidation
Day 5: Moving Forward¨ Discussions: individual and group discussions with administrators, departmental leaders, teachers, student groups - as appropriate

... Educational Consultant Services

Individual Mentoring

Would you like:

  • ongoing dialogue - for yourself - as you experiment with new ideas?
  • a member of your staff to benefit from fresh ideas and new perspectives?
  • periodic 'check ups' on the development and implementation of long-term plans?

Let's talk ... and see what might be both possible and productive.

Step 1 - 30 Minute Consultation - FREE
Step 2 ... and any further steps are entirely negotiable.

... Individual Mentoring

'Classroom Matters' Workshops

Sample Topics: 

  • Learner-Centred Classroom Methods: An Overview
  • Learners Leading - Maximizing Learner Involvement
  • The Global Classroom: Creating and Using 'Connectedness'

... 'Classroom Matters' Workshops

School - Team - Community Workshops

Sample Topics:

  •   Team Building: including all, empowering individuals, and celebrating diversity
  •   Creating a Culture of Respect: understanding our common humanity
  •   Developing Leaders: building skills, inspiring vision, encouraging service 

... School - Team - Community Workshops

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