OWLS Global Workshops

School / Team / Community Workshops

Team Building: including all, empowering individuals, and celebrating diversity

Creating personal connectedness, building consensus, fostering team spirit.
Building vision, commitment, trust, and effective collaboration. 

Creating a Culture of Respect: understanding our common humanity

An atmosphere of mutual respect does not 'happen' by accident: it is the product of a high level of awareness.  This awareness arises and is maintained through open communication channels, healthy dialogue and an explicit consensus on acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.  The workshop seeks to raise issues and offer frameworks for discussion. The intention is to assist school and community leaders in embarking upon building truly 'safe', inclusive learning environments.

Developing Leaders: building skills, inspiring vision, encouraging service

Leadership involves both skills and essential qualities.  Leadership is learned 'in practice' - it is a gift which can be developed over time.  Leadership is a 'living out of a passion' much more than 'holding a position'.  This workshop combines reflection on abstract values with awareness of practical skills - intended to encourage individuals to find a clear sense of purpose, set goals and consciously, strategically move toward them. 


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