Confident Competent Communication

Communicate clearly: it’s your key to success

What do we do?

We help students and business professionals to communicate clearly.

Pronunciation Programmes

Refined pronunciation empowers you to focus on meaning, to inspire confidence in colleagues and clients, and to understand others more easily.

OWLS Global’s qualified, experienced professionals analyse for your clear competencies and for key challenges.

You deserve an independent analysis of your pronunciation.
We analyse your strengths and also suggest ways of achieving greater clarity.
You receive written and video feedback.
OWLS Global offers you individual coaching, with written and video feedback – in a 4-week Personal Pronunciation Clinic programme.
Improving intonation, sentence stress, and other phonetic elements can help your listeners to easily understand you.

Speaking Skills Programmes

Let’s get to know you … and to know your learning needs.

You can choose your package here … or request other help

All of OWLS Global’s Speaking Skills programmes begin with an Introductory Session.
Together, we can craft a personal programme which suits your situation and meets your needs.

Conversation: We adapt each session’s activities according to your learning needs.
IELTS: Each session begins with a mock Speaking test. We then analyse your performance for strengths and ways to strengthen if further.

Preparation and Practice: We are with you all the way.
We can work with you on specific interview situations you’re facing – or help you build interview skills in general.

What an enjoyable way to build speaking confidence!
Join a cross-cultural team as you take on informative, interactive, persuasive speaking challenges

Confident Competent Communication

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Our Story

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Diagnostic CheckUp

You benefit from our analysis of your current strengths and challenges.
We get to know how we can serve you best.

Introductory Session

Personal, but not expensive.
You know what we offer.
We know what you need.

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You can tell us your needs.
We can suggest innovative ways to meet those needs.