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Quick and Easy Guide to Getting Started

Get started in 3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Register & Prepare – Sign up by clicking ‘Agree and Proceed‘ in the form above
  • Step 2: Record & SubmitRecord and Return your Personal Pronunciation Sample to us
  • Step 3: Read & ReflectReceive and Analyse our comments on your personal strengths and areas for improvement
Step 1: Register (above) for your Personal Pronunciation Diagnostic Checkup appointment due date
  • Download and read your your OWLS Global Recording Your Diagnostic Reading booklet.
  • Select only one of the four Diagnostic Short Text sheets
  • Practice for a few minutes
  • Record your 3 to 5 minute sound file.
    • Introducing yourself
    • Reading to us
    • Telling us a little more about yourself
  • Send your Diagnostic Recording to us.
NOTE: When you register, you set a ‘Due Date‘. That becomes your ‘deadline’ for submitting your personal Diagnostic Check-up recording.
  • We ask you to set a ‘Due Date’ because we need to manage demands on our team members’ time.
  • You are very welcome to submit your Diagnostic Check-up recording any time before or on the ‘Due Date’.
  • We can guarantee to return your feedback within two working days of your ‘Due Date’.
  • We will also try to return your feedback within two working days of an early submission.
  • We cannot guarantee prompt feedback for submissions which reach us after your ‘due date’.

RECORDING Your Personal Pronunciation Sample

How can you record your personal pronunciation sample for us?
It’s easy!    You can submit in two different ways:
  • DIRECT: You can record and send DIRECTLY from WhatsApp, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger or Skype
  • ATTACH: You can use the voice recorder on a smartphone, and then ATTACH the recording to Twitter message, an email or any WhatsApp, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger or Skype message.
It’s that easy !!! Choose one of the short sample texts in the downloaded PDF Instructions
    • decide how to introduce yourself
      • practise the text for a minute or two – and then
        • send in your personal pronunciation sample for our analysis.
  We will confirm receipt of your recording within 24 hours.
Download PDF instructions for Recording your Personal Diagnostic Reading
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