Personal Diagnostic Clinic Programme PLUS – Welcome

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We’re delighted you have registered for your own Personal Pronunciation Clinic Programme – PLUS

Please watch your email Inbox. You can expect to receive:
  • our welcome email
  • suggestions which may help you to prepare for your Week 1 Personal Diagnostic Interview session.
  • reminders as the each weekly appointment or submission time approaches
Your extended programme includes:
  • Week 1: Personal Diagnostic Interview (20 minutes via Skype / Zoom)
  • Week 2: Personal Practice Activity 1
  • Week 3: Personal Practice Activity 2
  • Week 4: Personal Pronunciation Tutorial discussion (20 minutes)
PLUS Two ‘Follow-up Feedback’ sessions (the extras you opted in on!) on readings or presentations of your choice
  • 2 months after completion, and
  • 4 months after completion of Week 4
You will submit a voice or video recording (transcribed) of up to five minutes. We will
  • Review our notes from your ‘Basic’ four-week programme,
  • Analyse your new recording, and
  • Provide written and video feedback on your pronunciation. We will particularly comment on changes in your noted areas of strengths and of suggested areas for improvement.

Thank you for joining us for your own Personal Pronunciation Clinic Programme – PLUS


We look forward to working with you!

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