Speaking Resources

Speaking Resources

    • Your greatest ‘resource’ may be your own resourcefulness
    • Carefully:
      • Analyse your surroundings – at home, at school, at work, in your area, on social media.
      • Research suggestions, such as those offered by Jack Askew (below) – or do a Google search for suggestions.
      • Choose resources which suit your interests, your schedule and your budget.
      • Schedule frequent, short practices times – and stick to them.

Generally Good English Speaking Resources

Toastmasters: Build a Better You! Toastmasters International can help you improve your communication and build leadership skills.
I cannot over-emphasise how highly I value Toastmasters.
  • I recognised Toastmasters Speaking materials as outstanding when working with the Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • I joined Toastmasters eagerly when working as a Senior Culture and Communication Specialist (CILL) with Microsoft in Bangalore, India.
I urge you to join a Toastmasters club – near your university or your company, or (these days) even online! Learn English (British Council): The British Council offers extensive, excellent materials. Here’s a start on their Speaking resources. TED Talks: www.ted.com MindTools: MindTools is a great resource. A lot of good materials are free, but (perhaps later?) you’ll have to pay for a full membership.

Services I Can Confidently Recommend

To Fluency: Jack Askew – Fluency Coach [British accent] MMMEnglish: Emma – English Confidence Coach [British accent] Rachel’s English: Rachel’s English Academy [USA accent]
 – In particular, you can focus on pronunciation & vocabulary development Go Natural English: Gabby Wallace [USA accent]