English Conversation Skills – 10 Sessions – Welcome

Great! - Thank you.

We’re delighted you have chosen
to join us for 10
English Conversation Skills Sessions

Please watch your email Inbox. You can expect to receive:
    • our welcome email
    • suggestions which may help you to prepare for your English Conversation Skills sessions with us.
Here’s what you can expect during your first English Conversation Skills sessions:
  • Session 1: You receive ‘getting to know you’ questions by email before we meet for the first time.
    During Session 1, we can agree on a programme plan. This may be based on the feedback from your “Introductory Session with Bryan” activities.
  • Sessions 2 onward: We continue to adapt each session’s activities according to your preferences and your personal learning needs.
    You can tell us what you find most helpful, and how you want to structure your English Conversation Skills programme.

We look forward to working energetically with you
as you build confidence and competence
in English Conversation skills.

We help students and business professionals to communicate clearly.