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IELTS Speaking Test Preparation

Guided preparation and practice can help you to perform at your best in the IELTS Speaking test.
Our experienced examiners can test and advise you.
IELTS Speaking Test Preparation - with Mock Test practice sessions via video practice session
You can boost your performance in the IELTS Speaking test
(1) by understanding the structure of the test, and
(2) by permanently strengthening the skills
IELTS measures.

Here’s what you can expect during your first IELTS Speaking Test Preparation sessions:

  • Session 1:
    We adapt the OWLS Global IELTS Speaking Test Preparation programme by blending your own preferences with suggestions from your Introductory Session with Bryan activities.
    During Session 1, we can agree on a programme plan.
  • Sessions 2 onward:
    Each session begin with a mock Speaking Test practice format.
    We then analyse your performance for strengths and for ways to strengthen your responses.

You can register for ...

One 45-minute IELTS Speaking session
  • Cost: $ 30.00
Two 45-minute IELTS Speaking sessions
  • Cost: $ 55.00
Ten 45-minute IELTS Speaking sessions
  • Cost: $ 250.00

We help English Language (ESL) students
and business professionals to
clearly structure

(1) what they will say and
(2) how they will say it

in university lectures, tutorials,
business meetings and professional discussions.

OWLS Global team

We look forward to working with you.